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i am rewatching that old episode of intimate note and sungmin’s reading out something heechul wrote to kangin and then for no possible reason at all i realise kangin and eunhyuk are holding hands


i am rewatching that old episode of intimate note and sungmin’s reading out something heechul wrote to kangin and then for no possible reason at all i realise kangin and eunhyuk are holding hands

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Anonymous asked: Shinji/Yutaka



I love you, anon!

Who made the first move; Shinji totally did, and Yutaka was shocked as hell.
Who said ‘I love you’ first; They would both wait a really long time because Shinji thinks actions speak louder than words so he never bothers to, and Yutaka is terrified of saying it first. But then one night they’re just doing something stupid like doing their math homework and Yutaka just screams it in Mim’s face. And Shinji is just kinda confused, but says he loves him too. And Shinji laughs at Yutaka later because he thought it went without saying that they loved each other
How often they fight; They don’t fight too often. They mostly just poke fun at each other over stuff. Although they do have a couple of serious fights, like when Shinji does stuff just assuming that Yutaka will go along with it. Or when Yutaka has self-esteem issues that Shinji just doesn’t get because he thinks Yutaka is awesome and has never himself had those issues.
Whose big spoon/little spoon; Shinji is big spoon, Yutaka little. Although if they are sleeping Yutaka will somehow end up laying all over him no matter what.
What their nicknames are for each other; Other than shorting their names to things like Shin and ‘Taka they don’t really have any. But they do like to use petnames mockingly at each other. Shinji also calls him baby now and again, although Yutaka usually rolls his eyes at it.
Whose the better cook; Shinji. Yutaka will burn the house down.
Their song; I don’t know if they’d have one. Maybe something by Gershwin that Shinji’s uncle showed Shinji, that Shinji thought worked for them.
Who remembers their anniversaries; Shinji. Yutaka is awful with dates and never remembers no matter how hard he tries. Shinji likes that he forgets, through, because he can tell Yutaka that instead of a present they can try something new in bed.
Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex);  They play video games all the time and watch action movies. They also just talk about random stuff.
Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship;  Shinji, but Yutaka can get him to cave if his argument is half decent.
How they would get engaged; Shinji gets a watch for Yutaka and then takes him to where his uncle used to take him rock climbing. He gives Yutaka the watch and tells him he wants to consider it an engagement present. And Yutaka never even thought it was a possibility for them, so he’s really surprised, but he says yes. Yutaka also says he’s getting Shinji something too.
What their wedding would be like;  They get an apartment together and tell everyone it’s to share costs since Yutaka is trying to make the comedy thing happen. Then they have a housewarming party, but they consider it their wedding. Their friends find out during the party and they end up having a ten minute ‘service’ where Shu acts as their minister and ‘marries’ them. Shinji and Yutaka both act like it’s stupid, but they’re actually laughing and really freakin’ happy they have such good friends to share the moment with.
How many kids they’ll have; None together, obviously (the whole boy thing). But I think they’d both want kids. I could see them having 2 or 3 if they had a way. But I won’t share how I think they would get these kids, lol.

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Baby Don’t Cry T_________T

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kangin’s thumb of approval for hyuk

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